Thursday, April 04, 2013

Drunk Driving PSA

Prominent Northwest attorney Ben Bollinger discusses the benefits of hiring 
Sunshine Shuttle when you're planning to go out and have a drink or two.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Sandestin Goes Green With Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine!

Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine and Sandestin Resort Communities
Create a Unified Resort Wide Transportation System


Going Green On Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine!

March 29, 2013: Many companies talk about going green and restructuring their corporate mission to become friendlier for the environment. Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine not only talks the talk, but since the March 1st approval of Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort’s Board of Directors, its Sandtram service has been driving the drive! Thanks to this new Unified Transportation System (UTS) partnership with the Resort, the company can truly claim it’s cutting emissions and alleviating traffic concerns throughout the entire area. And with the hiring of 40 additional Drivers, this home grown business is providing real economic growth to the community.

Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine, along with various Stakeholders from within the Sandestin Community, including the Sandestin Owners Association (SOA), Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, the Hilton at Sandestin, the Village of Baytowne Wharf and many Independent Rental Companies have in place a long-term agreement to provide transportation services for guests and owners of the community. This year-round service is aimed at reducing vehicular traffic on the Resort, reducing pressure on parking, and supporting responsible transport for guests after dining and entertaining.

Due to their 25-passenger Sandtram shuttles, dropping off and picking up happy guests throughout the entire resort is becoming business as usual. And less cars and SUVs means the area’s main traffic arteries are less clogged.

Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine’s airport transfers, coupled with all resort coverage, have enabled Sandestin to become an all-inclusive vacation destination. Translation: Guests can fly directly into any local airport and get around their entire visit without the use of a car. Local residents will notice fewer traffic snares while running their errands on the weekends.

Access to the Sandtram is as smooth as its ride. Guests are given a colored wristband specific to their visiting month, and can also use any of the existing methods of resort-wide access. An example of this would be a SOA’s Owner ID card or a Resort Club Card. And the Sandtram’s onboard video, highlighting the bars, restaurants, and shops located within the property, is a boon for small business owners.

Vacation Rentals By Owners (VRBOs) can subscribe to the Sandtram by simply signing up online using this link on their website:
Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine is soon launching a Smartphone App that allows guests to spot each tram’s location in real time to estimate its arrival at their nearest stop. Its mobile website, accessible by smartphones, will detail this information as well. View the map from their Quick Links section at:
Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine is a full service, locally owned and operated transportation service provider. Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine is the largest transportation company on the Emerald Coast, with three divisions: Sunshine Coach, Sunshine Limousine and the most popular brand, Sunshine Shuttle. Founded in 2004 by John Finch, the company has over 40 vehicles in its fleet and maintains state-of-the-art Reservation and Dispatch software, and 24/7 online, on-demand and dispatch coverage.

For more details on this very new, very green service, please contact:

Alan Roberts
Marketing Director
Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine
323 Lynn Drive
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Teen Safety & Limousines

Lessons on Teen Safety in Limos

Thanks to Jasmine Henry from BeTransported.Com for this Article. 

limos in the newsTeens and parents love limousines for prom night and sweet 16 parties, but even placing your transportation needs in the hand of a chauffeured transportation provider isn't always enough to guarantee teens will make safe choices. A 16 year-old New Yorker was tragically killed this weekend in New York state by sticking his head through a top hatch of a double-decker party bus filled with dancing teens headed to a party. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of 16 year-old Daniel Fernandez. Keeping teens safe from peer pressure is a real need, and we're offering expert insight on safety and luxury transportation to caring parents nationwide:

1. Small Groups are Safer

It's a fact that the larger the group, the harder it can be to control the teens. According to limo expert Emily Darocha, "its much more dangerous when you have a double decker bus with 65 kids." If you're concerned about your teen's ability to avoid peer pressure or the logistics of controlling a large group, it may be wise to book transportation for a smaller group or a series of smaller rides to avoid the pressure of a large crowd.

2. Chaperone

The single best way to ensure a safe evening, even in very large groups, is to field adult chaperones. The recommend minimum for a double-decker party bus is one adult per floor, but many experts recommend a higher ratio of adults to children. Discuss security options with your limousine company and don't be afraid to ask for a few extra adults on board. Many chauffeured transportation providers are able to field highly trained security professionals for crowd control on the vehicle during large events.

3. Negotiate

Don't be afraid to have a frank conversation with your limo provider about their policies for teens. Limo companies often check teens' bags for hidden alcohol, and are happy to stick to an itinerary provided by the parents for an evening. If you're worried about your teens trying to direct the limo driver to an off-limit, unchaperoned party, be clear with the limo company about your expectations, and learn their policies for keeping teens safe on big nights.

4. Understand Chauffeurs

The role of a chauffeur is to provide safe, luxury transportation and customer service throughout the evening. Chauffeurs aren't paid babysitters and can't focus on watching the behavior of teens, particularly in larger vehicles. While a highly-trained, professional driver can expertly navigate hazards on the road, they can't necessarily ensure every member of a large group is behaving.

5. Set Clear Boundaries

Many tragedies occur when teens are peer pressured into breaking clearly-marked rules. In the case of hatches on the top of party buses, most are clearly marked as only to be used for emergency exits. In the tragic case of Fernandez, the on-bus security Officer had issued repeated reminders to keep the emergency exit closed, which were disregarded. Let your teen know about the possible consequences of disregarding safety rules. One of the best preventative measures can be a frank conversation with your teen ahead of time about the importance of paying attention to posted safety rules, no exceptions.
Prepare for Prom or homecoming night by taking the time to sit down with your teen and a reputable luxury transportation company to have a few honest conversations about safety. Give your teen the tools and chaperones to ensure a safe evening out.

Friday, August 17, 2012

A how to guide for Wedding Transportation

Posted by Jasmine Henry @

Wedding Limos, Style and More!

wedding limos can benefit your planningWhen it comes to a wedding limo, most brides think of using a white stretch for their grand entrance and exit. Experts recommend that brides dedicate between 2-5% of their total wedding budget to a limo. There are a lot of other ways that outsourcing your transportation to a professional driver can benefit friends and family throughout your big weekend. Here are some questions to help you start imagining how you can use a wedding limo throughout the big week:

Are You Planning a Destination Wedding?

If your wedding requires friends and family to travel far from home, renting a mini-bus for transport from the hotel and airport can be a kind gesture. If your friends and family are already paying plane fare and hotel, rental cars can be a budgetary strain. Planning up to a week of optional activities is a major trend for destination weddings. If your guests are making the trip, make sure they stay entertained in the days before the wedding! Enlist a local friend or family member in designing an intinerary for a tour of the town. Renting a mini-bus to pay visits to local landmarks can be a creative and relatively inexpensive way to treat your guests prior to the ceremony.

Will You Be Serving Alcohol?

Anytime you're serving or purchasing alcohol in the days prior to the wedding is the perfect time to consider renting a wedding limo. Allow your guests and family to relax and enjoy the festivities, and use a professional chauffeur for safe transport. Both bachelor and bachelorette parties are the perfect time to take advantage of an unusual style of wedding limo. Even if you're not comfortable using a bright pink hummer for your grand entrance at the ceremony, your bridesmaids will likely love turning heads around town. Putting transportation in the hands of a highly trained professional is the safest and most reliable choice for any event during the wedding week when alcohol will be served. From transporting the bachelor party in a stylish hummer limo to giving relatives rides home in a mini-bus after the rehearsal dinner, a wedding limo is an investment in safety.

What About Parking?

If your ceremony is far from the reception venue or your getting hitched in an urban area with a parking shortage, using a wedding limo mini-bus to transport guests from a free, open parking area to the church can ensure no one is stuck circling the streets trying to find a spot during your vows. Even if you only rent one or two wedding limo mini-buses, your guests will appreciate the fact that they're able to focus on the celebration instead of parallel parking. Park-and-rides are often an excellent option for your guests on the weekend.

What is Your Style?

Modern weddings are all about breaking the rules and expressing personal style. If you're not sure you can see yourself driving off to the airport in a black wedding limo, there could be other options that fit your personal vibe a little better. Maybe a perfectly-restored car from the 1940's is a way to relay your love for everything vintage. If you're fond of bright colors and turning heads, enhance your entrance and exit with a hummer or Chrysler 300 wedding limo. If your personal style is typically a little more subtle, consider a classic black BMW or Lexus SUV. Whether you're trying to express classic style or fly under the radar like a true VIP, there is a wedding limo perfect for you.
From the rehearsal dinner to setting up a park-and-ride for your ceremony, renting a wedding limo can be the perfect way to reduce stress throughout your wedding week. There are the perfect options for every event surrounding the ceremony and reception. Using a wedding limo can promise an on-time arrival in safety and style.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Complete Guide to Executive Travel by Air

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Dreading Your Executive Travel Flight?

make your executive travel flight more comfortableFirst class seating for Executive Travel is considered a luxury and while the accomodations beat coach, long flights can still be a drag. When you are taking a long domestic or International flight, the endless hours in the air can put a damper on an otherwise pleasurable business trip. While we can't help emulate the luxury of a private jet, we've compiled some of the best suggestions to help you enjoy your Executive Travel flight and make it a better experience.

Reserve Good Seats

Even with the same fare and class, you will find that some seats in an Executive Travel flight are far more superior compared to others. Therefore, when you reserve a seat consider an exit row or aisle seat for legroom. A window seat will be ideal if you want to sleep, as it is more comfortable. You should definitely avoid taking seats near the bathrooms because other passengers will be using them regularly. In addition, the light and noise that escapes when the door is being opened and closed can be disturbing while you are trying to get some sleep.

Online Check-In

While online check-in is not necessary, it is still the best option, as you do not have to rush to check-in at the airport. Executive Travel passengers often have a separate and shorter security line, which makes it convenient for you to wait a little while before heading to the airport. In addition, you have the convenience of boarding and disembarking the plane first.

Come Prepared When On Board

If you plan to sleep on an Executive Travel flight, you should come prepared by bringing a head restraint or a travel pillow. The airlines will normally provide pillows for Executive Travel passengers, but the pillows may not be as comfortable as the ones you get to choose yourself. Therefore, take the time to shop for an Executive Travel high-end neck pillow before you go on your holiday or business trip.

Personal Items For Entertainment

Executive Travel usually come with movies on board, but they do not start until a certain time. Moreover, the built-in movies and music selections can be rather poor, thus, you should bring your own entertainment gadgets such as iPod, Gameboy, iPad, or CD player. Additionally, you can bring a portable game or a new book with you.

Bring A Pair Of Headphones

For Executive Travel passengers, the airline will provide a pair of headphones but they are normally of poor quality, which can be annoying when you are using them to watch a movie or to listen to your favorite songs. Consider taking your own pair of headphones especially if you own noise-cancelling and in-ear headphones. These can definitely help block out the engine noise.

Personal Comfort During Executive Travel

Executive Travel passengers should bring an eyeshade and some earplugs during your travel because these items can make all the difference in your attempt to sleep. When you are traveling in the air, it can be dehydrating, thus you should stick to drinking plenty of water. During your Executive Travel, you should consider taking some aspirin, as it could stop blood clots. However, ensure that you check with your medical doctor first before taking any medications in the air. Make sure you take a bottle of eye drops with you too, because it can prevent your eyes from drying out during your Executive Travel trip. Invest in compression stockings, as they can keep your feet from swelling during the flight.

These are just a few tips on how you can feel a lot more comfortable during your Executive Travel. Finally yet importantly, enjoy your Executive Travel holiday or business trip!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Top 10 Questions to ask your limousine company!

Top 10 Questions to ask your limousine company! suggests asking 10 critical questions before booking a Limousine. Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine is proud of the level of service that we offer our clients. We want you to know you are in good hands. Here are the 10 questions and our answers.

Top 10 Questions

  1. Are all charges included in my rate? -Yes, the rate we give you includes all charges. We will clearly state your charges and booking times on your confirmation receipt.

  2. What model year is the limo I have selected? - We have the newest vehicle fleet in Northwest Florida. All of our vehicles are no older than 4 years.

  3. How much insurance do you carry? -We carry a $5 Million Dollar insurance policy. Not many companies carry this much.

  4. What happens if my limo is late for my pickup? -We are known for our reliable and timely service. We pride ourselves on being on-time for every pickup. However, if we are late. We will gladly work out a solution to the problem in a timely manner.

  5. How do handle a breakdown? -We have the largest fleet in Northwest Florida. We have driver's ready to go at all times. We also have a full-time on call mechanic. We will dispatch another vehicle immediately.

  6. Am I billed form pickup to drop off only? -Yes you are billed only from pick-up to drop-off.

  7. Are you Certified? -Yes, our owner even serves on The Florida Limousine Association's Board.

  8. Is chauffeur gratuity included? -Gratuity is included in your price.

  9. What type of training do your chauffeurs go through? -We have an extensive 30 day training program that all chauffeurs must pass. We call this "The Sunshine Way" training.

  10. When will I be billed for my trip? -You will be billed for your trip immediately after the trip is over.