Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How we came to be

Sunshine Shuttle was founded in 2004 by John Finch, a former New Yorker. 'Nuff said. New Yorkers are use to fast, efficient service in all arenas. When John first came to the Emerald Coast area, he arranged for an airport shuttle and got stranded. No one even showed up! Huh? He called and called the number and no one ever answered...UGH! The next time he arranged transportation service to the airport , the driver was an hour late, in an old beat up Ford Bronco with a guy dangling a cigarette from his mouth in cut-off jeans shorts with a poodle in his lap!!!!! John's Armani black business suit was covered in white poodle hair! Needless to say, he knew his nitch here would be a good, professional transportation service. Duh!

And so Sunshine Shuttle was created! Check out our complete fleet of vehicles and services at

Hope to see you soon!