Friday, March 29, 2013

Sandestin Goes Green With Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine!

Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine and Sandestin Resort Communities
Create a Unified Resort Wide Transportation System


Going Green On Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine!

March 29, 2013: Many companies talk about going green and restructuring their corporate mission to become friendlier for the environment. Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine not only talks the talk, but since the March 1st approval of Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort’s Board of Directors, its Sandtram service has been driving the drive! Thanks to this new Unified Transportation System (UTS) partnership with the Resort, the company can truly claim it’s cutting emissions and alleviating traffic concerns throughout the entire area. And with the hiring of 40 additional Drivers, this home grown business is providing real economic growth to the community.

Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine, along with various Stakeholders from within the Sandestin Community, including the Sandestin Owners Association (SOA), Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, the Hilton at Sandestin, the Village of Baytowne Wharf and many Independent Rental Companies have in place a long-term agreement to provide transportation services for guests and owners of the community. This year-round service is aimed at reducing vehicular traffic on the Resort, reducing pressure on parking, and supporting responsible transport for guests after dining and entertaining.

Due to their 25-passenger Sandtram shuttles, dropping off and picking up happy guests throughout the entire resort is becoming business as usual. And less cars and SUVs means the area’s main traffic arteries are less clogged.

Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine’s airport transfers, coupled with all resort coverage, have enabled Sandestin to become an all-inclusive vacation destination. Translation: Guests can fly directly into any local airport and get around their entire visit without the use of a car. Local residents will notice fewer traffic snares while running their errands on the weekends.

Access to the Sandtram is as smooth as its ride. Guests are given a colored wristband specific to their visiting month, and can also use any of the existing methods of resort-wide access. An example of this would be a SOA’s Owner ID card or a Resort Club Card. And the Sandtram’s onboard video, highlighting the bars, restaurants, and shops located within the property, is a boon for small business owners.

Vacation Rentals By Owners (VRBOs) can subscribe to the Sandtram by simply signing up online using this link on their website:
Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine is soon launching a Smartphone App that allows guests to spot each tram’s location in real time to estimate its arrival at their nearest stop. Its mobile website, accessible by smartphones, will detail this information as well. View the map from their Quick Links section at:
Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine is a full service, locally owned and operated transportation service provider. Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine is the largest transportation company on the Emerald Coast, with three divisions: Sunshine Coach, Sunshine Limousine and the most popular brand, Sunshine Shuttle. Founded in 2004 by John Finch, the company has over 40 vehicles in its fleet and maintains state-of-the-art Reservation and Dispatch software, and 24/7 online, on-demand and dispatch coverage.

For more details on this very new, very green service, please contact:

Alan Roberts
Marketing Director
Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine
323 Lynn Drive
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459