Thursday, June 17, 2010

Announcing a Walton County Town Meeting - Gulf Recovery Team

Town meeting Friday June 18 5:00pm at Walton County Library, 437 Greenway
Trail Santa Rosa Beach (331 Annex).

Gulf Recovery Team will be flying in from Miami/Ft Lauderdale to present a
proposal for an Oil Recovery System to treat the Deepwater Horizon Oil
Spill. This is a group of scientists and engineers that have organized a
team whose principals, products and services provide the ability and basis
for a rapid deployment and execution of a multi-task plan that offers a
"cradle to grave", technically sound, environmentally safe and
economically competitive program for oil spill recovery and reclamation
from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010 using mechanical extraction
and separation.

Our local officials have been invited to attend this presentation in hopes
of using some or all of these components in our area.
Please support our local officials in saving our beaches!!!!!

This notification was sent as a courtesy by Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine.
Thank you for supporting the efforts of our local community to combat this disaster.

~ John Finch


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